From blogs to online catalogs, from terrestrial to streaming independent shows and stations, from the US to the UK to Sweden, there are good folks taking the initiative to keep the grass roots music movement alive. There would not be much initiative for musicians to go through all the hard work of putting an album together- labor of love or not - if it was to released into a vacuum. Sons Of Morning would like to put our own spotlight on some of the players in the worldwide indie scene. If you are an artist you can take advantage of this series by contacting each and every one of them to see if you might be able to work with them to help get your music to the people, 'cuz that's where it's at. Enjoy, and feel free to comment or make suggestions on the Sons Of Morning Facebook page. Without any more delay, here is the first of many, Randy Skaggs of Q108.

            "I spent my entire life listening to the radio, hearing the songs from
            well known bands from across the world, hearing the songs the radio told
            me to hear. Here in Canada, the same thing. Only the big name bands got
            the recognition. Well, I've opened my ears and ears and discovered
            there's an amazing wealth of talent sitting out there in my own 
            backyard. It's the same no matter where you live on this mortal coil.
            So, I set my sights on exposing that music through an online radio station.

            It's been both a frustrating struggle and a learning experience but with
            patience and the help of some very generous individuals, it has finally
            started to pay off. Hundreds of artists have approached me and I'm able
            to share their music with the rest of the world. Artists like Sons Of
            Morning were instrumental (pun intended) in keeping the drive alive.

            I feel like station owners did back in the 50's, with the birth of
            rock'n'roll and soul and being introduced to hundreds of new artists all
            vying to be heard. The music is refreshing and exciting and I'm glad to
            be a part of it. Not one to stick to one genre, I designed my web site
            so that you can enjoy a solid mix of all the artists. There's an INDIE
            MIX side and an INDIE ROCK side. The best way for you to find out for
            yourselves is visit the web site at:
            Q108 Kingston. Bringing you the best in INDIE music."

            Thanks again!








     The GBMRS, in its 6th year on 6Towns Radio in the UK, is brought to the world through the efforts of Alan May. Alan is particularly well suited to head up this show, being a Mod himself from the days of the 1979 Revival scene. The show runs for three hours every Sunday from 6 to 9 UK time zone, spinning a wide range of tunes from the modernist genre. From Mississippi Blues, 60’s guitar bands, Motown, 60’s R n B, Boogaloo, Freakbeat, Garage, Punk, Mod revival 79 , Underground 85 , modern day bands- signed or unsigned- Alan probably has the most comprehensive Modernist Music collection around.

The show also features regular competitions, interviews, band features, exclusive air plays, requests and shout outs…

All Glory Boy shows are downloaded after the live show and can be found on

"During the show every week friends new and old from the scene can be found on our Facebook page– come and say hi, but most of all enjoy the music!" .......Alan May



                  Show sponsor : Rubber Soul Records, Hide Street , Stoke –Upon- Trent






         BORIS BODEN, AKA The Secret Weapon

   'The Secret Weapon' can be found on Woody radio, and features Boris favorites- past, present, obscurities, oddities, and a few 'guilty pleasures'. Faithfully maintained by DJ Gidget of Woody radio, the Secret Weapon is broadcast 6 days/nights a week and has been very well received in over 129 countries around the world. In 2014 Boris became co-owner of Woody Radio. It all began 7 years ago when Boris began sending music to the station and in a short period of time there was enough compiled to be aired for several hours at a clip. Woody, the station owner, joked that Boris was their 'secret weapon'. The name stuck and the show was born.

     " This was the music I grew up with, spanning the decades, music I thought never got the audience it deserved. having amassed over a half century of music in all formats- from vinyl to tape to soundboard recordings, demos and later, digital recordings, I finally had the outlet to have this music played the way I thought it needed to be. 'Music that deserves to be heard' as I put it.

     " I've spent countless nights in the clubs, having seen many very early Cheap Trick performances, being a part of the Ramones first ever show in Chicago, seeing the Shoes play to a handful of people on a cold Winter evening, watching the Midwestern scene grow before my very eyes- I knew I was witnessing something very special. I also put in my time doing a lot of promotional work for bands and clubs alike.

       " Despite being clean and sober since March 27th, 1990, I remain a full-time cynic, with hopes of someday becoming a skeptic. After surviving decades of self abuse and certainly taking many shortcuts on a path of self-destruction, I carry a lifetime of stories- some of which I can even remember. I remain grateful for seeing damn near every influential band live- one of the exceptions being all four Beatles on stage together. I'm grateful for all I've experienced in the world of music. It has been a constant throughout my lifetime(s).

       " Sons Of Morning is one of those bands that I thought deserved to be heard and are played in regular rotation on the show. Their music, for me, remains timeless. That is the key to my shows. Each song is handpicked by me and added to the server. Its a labor of love that never grows old. Without shuffling or adding current music that is in rotation, there is enough music in the server to play the Secret Weapon 24/7 for a month without repeating!"

        Thank you Boris, for sharing your story. Be sure to tune in to the Secret Weapon- you deserve it!