The Glory Boy Mod Radio Showcase Vol. 2


Alan May has compiled twenty three bands to feature on this volume, all of which have received many spins on his show throughout the last few months. All bands have donated their tracks free of charge and profits will be split between two charities.

Cut 19, Sons Of Morning's Maximum Rock N Roll version of Jimmy Reed's 'Baby What's Wrong?', is pedal to the metal R&B at its finest. Covered by the Stones and included on the classic bootleg 'Bright Lights, Big City', BWW showcases the Sons' talent for reviving this type of early 60's guitar band rock that swept the UK and US and brought us so many great bands in the wake of the British Invasion- while still making it their own. Fans of Sons Of Morning and music of this kind in general will not be disappointed as the American blues that spawned the beginnings of Beat music and the London scene once again heads back to the UK for this volume of Alan May's Glory Boy Mod Radio Showcase.

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