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A modern day classic! 10 A sides make this an album you will want to hear again and again. Repeated listens reward the true enthusiast as each successive play reveals layers of subtleties. Aside from great vocal harmonies, the interweaving guitar work is reminiscent of the early work of Keith Richards and Brian Jones- the best part of the early Stones.

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I Just Don't Understand

Take a bluesy ballad originally performed by Ann Margret (!) and later covered by the Beatles for their Decca audition, give it the full Sons Of Morning treatment complete with haunting lap steel and a hypnotic rhythm section and we end up with a must have cut! 

‘I just don’t understand’ is an assured and enlightening blues ballad ready for the 21st century with a true and honest account of lost love from the singer, this track has a composition of inspiration and hope.  From the outset the guitar riff takes the lead and you feel a sadness in the lyrical content but then this is the real thing when it comes to a modern blues song – and would sit nicely in any nick cage movie soundtrack… To summarize this super number – it’s simple  ‘’authentic atmospheric blues’’ done very well which we do understand!  Alan May; June 20th 2018

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