The Instruments:                                                 

OUTTA MY HEAD- Gretsch Pro-Jet, Martin 6-string acoustic, Hoffner ‘Cavern model’ Beatle Bass, Lee Oskar harmonica, and guiro!

WAY BEYOND- 12-string Danelectro, Gibson LesPaul w/P-90’s, Fender P-Bass, accordian

NOT A SOUND- Martin, Guild 6-string acoustics, Nashville -tuned Epi Emperor, Hoffner ‘Cavern model’ Beatle Bass, Epi Mandolin, Open-tuned Martin 6-string on slide lead

LIVE WITH MYSELF- ’89 LesPaul Std., Rickenbacker V63, LesPaul Gold Top w/P-90’s, Epi Wild Kat, Fender P-Bass w/Roto-Sounds

HE WORE BLACK- Martin, Guild 6-string acoustics, Martin 12-string acoustic, Hoffner ‘Cavern model’ Beatle Bass, Epi Mandolin

JUDY, JUDY- Gretsch Pro-Jet, Fender P-bass, ’89 LesPaul Std. on end lead, Hohner Harp through Hohner amp

HANG ME- Gretsch Pro-Jet, Hoffner  ‘Cavern model’ Beatle Bass, Epi Wild Kat w/open tuning for slide, Hohner through amp

HARD LIVIN’- Taylor and Martin 6-string acoustics, LesPaul Studio for lead, Fender P-Bass, Yamaha keys

DIDN’T SEE THE MAN- Gibson LesPaul w/P-90’s, Gretsch Pro-Jet, Fender P-Bass, piano

SHINE- 12-string Danelectro, '52 Tele Reissue on lead break, Fender P-Bass

GONE- Rickenbacker V63, Martin 6-string acoustic

Amplifiers were vintage style tube- VOX, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Marshall

Vintage Slingerland kit played on all cuts w/drums